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Learning, education and school concept. Young men studying for a test or an exam. Tutor books with friends. Young students campus helps friend catching up and learning.

It doesn’t matter what type of student you are or how well you are doing, there are always ways to go that next step further. The very best students who achieve the highest grades are the ones taking step after step always getting a little bit better. We know you only want the best for your child and so, if you think they would benefit from a little bit of extra support in taking these steps, then you may want to hire a tutor. But you don’t want to hire any old tutor. You want to find one who empowers and inspires your student to learn no matter what setbacks they encounter. That is what you can find at Tutors Who Care- Sunny Isles Beach.

We can provide students in the Sunny Isles Beach area with a complete list of tutoring services. Specializing in special needs tutoring, we are able to offer any level of tutoring and for any type of student. From elementary to high school, and even with preparing SAT and ACT exams, our tutors are able to cover the entire curriculum. In addition, if your child is in need of specific and highly focused tutoring in math, English or reading comprehension, then we will be able to devise detailed and personal plans for study. Our aim is to be able to help any student with any need. With a wide assortment of the following services, we do that successfully:

  • Special Needs Tutor
  • ACT Tutoring
  • SAT Tutoring
  • Math Tutoring
  • Home School Tutoring
  • Reading Comprehension Tutors

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