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Home School Tutoring

home school tutors

About 2 million students are homeschooled in the United States of America. That makes up a significant portion of the total amount of students in school. Being homeschooled can give you a number of freedoms and can allow you to tailor your school experience to your own personal needs. However, in many cases, covering everything can be a hard task and there could well be gaps or weaknesses in your learning. That is why many parents choose to enlist additional tutoring services in their child’s home school environment. If this is the case with you, then know that you can count on us for those same tutoring services. We can plan around your schedule and bolster the learning that your child has already done, helping them to hone in on and focus their skills.

Tailoring Your Tutoring
Every homeschooling plan is going to be different than the next. The curriculum can be adapted very easily and made to fit around the needs of your child. That is why home school tutoring needs to be done in the same manner. When you work with one of our tutors, that is what you can expect. We will take into account all of the previous learning each child has done and tailor a plan around this. It will help hone in on and deepen the skills already learned, as well as fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

Elementary Tutoring
We can offer our home school tutoring service to students, still within the elementary school age bracket. Our focus for these students is to develop and expand the skills that they already have and provide them with additional knowledge. The plan for this is to keep skills as wide as they can be, with additional attention on the core subjects of math and English. In doing this, your child will have a wealth of varied information known to them to help them explore their strengths and interests.

SAT and ACT Tutoring
For students looking at taking their SAT or ACT, preparation is going to be crucial. It is essential to identify any gaps in knowledge, as well as finetune all of the essential areas of study that are found on the tests. Our expert tutors will sit down with each student and assess their targets and goals. Using these, they will devise a personal study plan to act as the foundation of future tutoring. If you or your child needs additional support with their SAT or ACT studies, then we will be happy to help.

Special Needs Tutoring
Many students with special needs are unable to go to school. Whether that is through their limitations or by logistics, they are more likely to complete their studies at home. Without specialized training and a full understanding, trying to manage their education could be a challenge. But you can gain your peace of mind, knowing you have access to the exemplary special needs home school tutoring services of Tutors Who Care- Sunny Isles Beach.


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