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Reading Comprehension Tutors

reading comprehension tutor

The single biggest achievement to get from your education is the ability to read. Understanding how to read and comprehend language well is going to mean that you will be able to comprehend any other subject area in the future. It is a fundamental skill, which means that it will need to be given some real focus to allow your child to reach their full potential. If you feel your child could benefit from some additional and personal help in reading comprehension, then you can count on the services of Tutors Who Care- Sunny Isles Beach. We can provide tutoring to children of any age and at any stage of development. You can put your faith and confidence in us to help your child start really making sense of their reading skills.

Vocabulary is key to quality spoken and written English work. It can help you throughout your time in school and will follow into college applications, job interviews, and indeed into the rest of your life. Therefore, paying close attention to it in tutoring is going to be a huge advantage. We will work with your child to measure how deep their vocabulary is and use the results to devise a custom plan of tutoring for them.

Grammar and Spelling
Two of the most important areas of reading comprehension that every individual needs to learn are grammar and spelling. They both go much further than just the classroom and exams. In your college application, your resume, official documents, letters, and just about anything else, grammar and spelling are going to be important. So, if we find that your child needs more help with these two areas, then we will make sure we spend adequate time evaluating them. For elementary students, we place a greater focus on spelling and core grammar, whilst with middle and high school students, we make sure we develop and grow grammatical understanding and confidence even more.

Phonics and Pronunciation
Phonics and pronunciation are key skills to have when it comes to the spoken English language. These are some of the most important things to understand for good communication skills and they are definitely worth dedicating tutoring time to. This study area could be of benefit to any aged student. Whether it is only for a child still learning the basics of their phonics, or whether it is for a student who wants to master their pronunciation, one of our tutors will be able to devise a personal plan.

Special Needs Reading Comprehension Tutoring
For so many children with special needs, trying to get a grasp on reading comprehension can be a challenging process. It is a specialized teaching area, which needs training and understanding to be handled appropriately. That is what you receive when you enlist our comprehension tutoring for your child. Whatever the circumstance of our students, we make sure we find the most appropriate methods of tutoring. Our aim is to empower your child in their reading comprehension, so they are able to grow their skills and that will allow them to flourish.


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